What we did

Experience Strategy and Transformation

In 2017, the new management was keen to set a new approach for one of the biggest skiing sports association in Switzerland. We collaborated since the beginning to refine the new business strategy followed by new brand design, customer and employee experience strategies.

Our approach and services

Business and experience strategy development

In the beginning, we focused a lot on setting the new vision and strategy for the organization. Workshops and alignment with different stakeholders were essential in setting the tone right for the whole transformation. Our support was to help to define and tell the story, refine the messages and communications approach, support in internal and external communication exercises. 

Transformation is (all) about communications. This is where our strengths to think strategically as well as tactically and furthermore, the ability to visualise all that come in play. 

To sign a new approach and strategy, the new visual identity was developed for Ski Valais. Brand Experience Design includes the new visual identity design (logo design, website, presentations, outfits, vehicles etc.) as well as external communications strategy (social media and PR) and sponsoring communications. 


Transforming a sports association way of working, communicating internally and externally and partnering with stakeholders has been interesting and rewarding throughout the journey. Co-creation and collaboration have been the key making the work successful. We are looking forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration in the future. 

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