what we could do for you?

We have a holistic view of experience design. Intentionally designed experiences create synergy, have a targeted impact, speak to the right audience with the right tone. These experiences deliver on your business, your employees and your customers’ goals.

Experience Strategy & Research

Whether you are an experienced CX professional, or just building your CX muscle, you undoubtedly recognize that key to successful CX transformation is seamlessly connecting Brand, Customer and Employee experience.  

This requires building an experience strategy that is differentiating, uniquely yours, and developing a culture change roadmap that ensures customer-centricity becomes a way of being for every employee, partner and leader in your organization.

With our support you can:

  1. Create a common and shared experience vision and strategy and define what it means to your culture
  2. Develop an experience (and culture) change plan that is uniquely yours (representative of your brand and your people)
  3. Implement tactics that capture minds, hearts and drive business outcomes

A strategy isn’t just for CEOs and executives. For an organization to be successful, every single person must be a strategist. Choosing what to do—and what not to do—is a creative act and the definition of strategy.

Brand & Customer Experience Design

We help you put experiences in action with our experience design services – anything from exciting visualizations to engaging sensory experiences and from intuitive online platforms to hand-written thank you cards. Whatever we have identified, your customer values and appreciates and what brings value to your brand.

Our approach to experience design follows in many cases design thinking methods (see e.g. the double diamond).

  1. Defining the challenge
  2. Discover phase where we apply suitable experience research methods and produce different options to design based on several hypotheses
  3. Define phase where we narrow options based on co-creation
  4. Develop design options suitable for the experience strategy and research
  5. Deliver experience design in a co-creative manner with different stakeholders and customers

The outcome is an experience for the selected target group

Experience Design Training

We make experiences understandable and actionable by providing training and workshops tailored to specific needs. Some examples of our workshops and training sessions:

  • Story Experience @Swiss Marketing Day 2016 keynote presentation
  • Customer Experience and Change Management @Swiss Financial Institute
  • Experience Management in Premium and Luxury Segment @University of St.Gallen, Institute of Marketing, Executive Education
  • Brand Experience Design and Management
  • International Marketing and Experience Design
  • Innovate with Experience Design: New ways to engage with your customers
  • Employee Experience Analysis and Design
  • Introduction to Customer Experience and Service Design

Additionally several tailor-made training and workshop sessions for our clients.