What we did

Brand and Customer Experience Design

Think Yellow drives sustainable goal of gender equality with the means of investing. Musta began the collaboration with a fintech start-up Think Yellow when Think Yellow was only a name and an idea on paper.

We were tasked to create a brand positioning and customer experience from a perspective which was challenging the common norms and systemic thinking of investing.

Our approach and services

Customer Experience Strategy development

Musta worked hand in hand with Think Yellow to create deep understanding of potential customers needs and their experiences in the investment segment. This lead to product and service strategy development which best respond to customer needs. 

Brand Experience Strategy and Design

Think Yellow drives a vision to change the world for better and positions itself in the territory of sustainable investing.

Brand experience has been set in a way which highlights this positioning. Several experiential applications including a brand launch were successfully designed and delivered. 


During our collaboration Think Yellow successfully graduated from F10 Fintech Startup Incubator and Accelarator program. The first set of product and service deliverables were launched and partner programs with companies well under-way.

The tireless approach of Think Yellow to change the world with the means of investing has been a journey which we are excited to be part of. 

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