What we did

Brand Strategy and Experience

Swiss skiing athlete and Olympics medalist Ramon Zenhäusern was in 2017 at the early stages of his global success.

Musta supported Ramon by designing his personal brand and developing Ramon’s sponsoring strategy and positioning towards potential sponsors.

Our approach and services

Brand Strategy and design

While being an easy to approach guy, Ramon is also a hard as nails athlete and a fierce competitor. The angular design of Ramon’s brand visuals reflect his competitive side and works as a counter weight to his ”Gentle Giant” appearance.

Sponsoring Strategy and Design

As for any up-and-coming athlete, gaining the attention of the sponsors is essential. Musta helped the Team Ramon to shape the strategy to attract potential sponsors.


Professionalization of sponsoring strategy and positioning a personal brand of Ramon in the beginning of his career turned out to be well-timed and needed as Ramon’s success skyrocketed in 2018. Fantastic brand story which we are proud to be part of.